Other behind-the-scenes photos from yesterday’s #prenup shoot with @melasonupdates #melason ❤️ production design by @teambadesigns, #styling by Argie Salango, #hair by @mycke_arcano, #makeup by Diane Lorenzana ❤️ shot at El Kabayo, Subic ☀️☁️ #celebrity#weddings

Working with one of my favorite people today, @markfamilara 💕😜 #mua #hairstylist #singleandbusy #preview #magazine

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#throwback #makeup by me, one of my favorite #beauty shots published this year ✨💕

A quick update of how everything’s been going, weightloss-wise.

Lately, I’ve felt like I hit a weightloss plateau, despite all my efforts of eating healthy and exercising. Constantly, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough because my weight sometimes fluctuated from 119 - 124 in a matter of days. I felt frustrated - what could I possibly do wrong?

I ate clean, I exercised 6 days a week, I avoided junk - but then I realized what I was actually doing wrong was being impatient.

Weightloss isn’t going to happen overnight, the same way that eating one cheat meal won’t make you gain weight automatically. It takes time, patience, discipline and consistency - and losing all can really happen sometimes.

If you’ve had a cheat meal or skipped a day at the gym, it’s a-okay, my friend. (I did BOTH today and I feel kinda yucky inside lol)

(Clean eating and living - It ain’t easy but it’s definitely worth it!!!)

 Let’s promise to do good tomorrow, deal?

To people telling me I can do what I do (lose weight, exercise) because of my job and lifestyle (freelance, makeup artist) ‘allows’ me to is just disrespectful (because I am working my ass off everyday for this).

Just because I don’t have a 9-5 kind of job doesn’t mean I don’t have JOBS, or work that starts early in the morning and end late, because I DO. Sometimes, I even have multiple jobs in a day, places to be - but that doesn’t stop me from exercising, eating healthy and sticking to my goals. You know why? It’s because I decided to be stronger than my excuses. 

I used to say excuses all the time, “Awww well my clients give me fast food so I don’t have a choice.” or “I’m so tired from work blablabla” but I realized eventually that if you want something, you MAKE time for it and you MAKE it work. If you think waking up super early to prepare meals, bring packs of food, exercise at 3am, be the only one in the group not drinking/eating ‘fun’ food is easy, then you’re mistaken. If you have time for facebook, going out, candy crush, instagram or whatever stuff you do - then I’m sure you have 30 minutes to exercise. Don’t use me as justification for your excuses - reassess your priorities.

So true 😊☺💪 glad I had conversations with @gp10 and @mongamado09 (separately 😜) about this today. Be stronger than your excuses and just make time for it - exercise actually gives you energy ✨👌 #truth #noexcuses #fitfam #justdoit #fitness #motivation #healthyliving

1 1/2 months 😩confession: I was feeling down about work and my weight lately, but someone told me that even if we don’t see the progress, it doesn’t mean we’re not improving 👍💪 just keep working hard and have faith 🙏 #truth #workhard #patience #motivation #havefaith #fitfam #weallhavethosedays

Whenever I have jobs or go out of town, I make it a point to #mealprep. It gives me no excuse to eat fast food (w/c is the usual food for jobs) and clients don’t worry about what they need to feed me 😝 #lol also, I’m sharing my #breakfast today: almond flour pancake topped with banana and COOKIES AND CREAM protein fluff 💕❤ #happiness #healthyeating #paleo #foodie #fitfam

I know it’s been a while since I posted #healthy #food, so here 😊💕 homemade #squashsoup: 1. Boil sliced squash around 15-20 mins till soft, add coconut milk if you want 2. Remove squash pieces and put in a blender 3. Add a bit of the boiled water (however thick you want it) 4. Blend 5. Add basil leaves and a bit of organic cinnamon and serve! 😲✨ #healthyeating #clean #fitness #weightloss #recipe #fitfam #paleo #cleaneating #foodie #dinner